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    Bangu Technology started in 2009 and based on the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China, in the past few years, based on customer demands to continue to progress,in the endoscope industry continue to strive for excellence, and in 2010 spent heavily to build 1500 square Meters of production plant in Shenzhen Fuyong Airport nearby. commitment to becoming the industry's leading provider of championship endoscopes and endoscopic modules.

    As the industry's leading professional supplier, Bangu Technology Development Co., Ltd. not only has the ability to provide high-quality generic products, and the ability to accurately and quickly respond to customers customized demands,to help customers to succeed in the rapid development of endoscopic application industry. 

Bangu technology has accumulated a large number of industry-leading manufacturing experience, more than 10 general-purpose products, product category complete.


The product application

Bangu technology products have been widely used in pipeline detection, car maintenance, home care, health care and other industries, service for well-known customers in major industry .

Pipeline inspection
 Car   maintenance
Home Hearth
Medical Hearth

Bangu adhere to the strategy, the endoscope production process and custom development of continuous R & D investment, in nearly 100 employees, there are 20 technical engineers engaged in product development and design, process improvement and innovation, accounting for 20% of the total number of employees,  We have accumulated    five utility model patents, the initial industry-leading patent core competitiveness.

We believe that Pangu technology in the endoscopy industry to professional and quality to win, Pangu technology and customers, partners, win-win cooperation, work     together to build a more professional and more efficient industry environment, promote industry progress.